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Happy Halloween from our cutie to you!

Hope you all had a great night. We enjoyed our $3 booritos from chipotle and despite encouraging most of our trick or treaters to take a handful of candy still ended up with too much left over candy:( any takers?


#1) I love family group txts


(Yes my sisters are goofy)

#2) I’m pretty sure we’re going to end up eating popcorn every night #ilovepopcorn


#3) parks and I went on a glorious run today. The weather was amazing. Did you get to enjoy it?


#4) Pretty sure my baby is a genius.


#5) Read this post, absolutely amazing

#6) just had to add this picture – because I’m pretty sure she’s the cutest


Well it’s been a whirlwind few days around here (or not around here, since it feels like we haven’t been home at all!)

A few highlights:

Shopping for an outfit for pictures with Aunt Carolina.  We ended up with a mega cute outfit and matching hat which parks is modeling here.. Isn’t she adorable?


A photo shoot with Plum Speckled Photography.

PL 065

They did Parkers newborn photo shoot which turned out AMAZING, so we had to get them to shoot some more pictures because this little one is just growing too fast.

PL 012

We had a few things to take care of during the day, and after church headed out for a friends surprise 40th birthday party!  The party was for my friend Whitney, who I used to work with.  It was nice to get to catch up with her and some other friends that I haven’t seen in a bit! (and reminded me that I am so grateful to be staying at home this fall:))

A visit with Parker’s G-Mack (my dad).  His fav thing to do when she visits is take selfies with her.


case and point



A big bowl of home popped popcorn to eat while catching up on TV for the week (no worries I still have about 8 shows left to watch from last week, meaning I’ll be watching season finales when everyone else is getting amped up for season premieres again next year).  And, I may or may not have completely finished the bowl before Andrew got any…

This face

is the face of a baby who slept in until 11am this morning!

I have to say, I think this is a girl who knows how to take care of her mama. I’ve been absolutely exhausted since this weekend and a few extra hours of sleep was exactly what I needed. (Obviously she didn’t mind either!)


Isn’t she the best?

Once we got up, Parks and I made the most of our day by:
-Making and eating some banana chocolate chip and cinnamon apple pancakes

-cleaning the house a bit (vacuuming and laundry etc.)

-a trip to Starbucks with Aunt Steff for a much needed pumpkin spice latte

-our weekly grocery shopping trip to Trader Joes

-a quick 3 mile run around the neighborhood (apparently neighborhood runs are very relaxing for this little one)


– followed by an early bed time for the baby(she was exhausted) and an amazing Olive Garden copycat homemade dinner (I’ll share it with you soon, let’s just say that I may never have to eat at Olive Garden again)

All in all, Id say it was a wonderful day:)

These two have an uncanny ability to look absolutely innocent


Right? They play the part well.

You never would guess that they ate almost an entire tub of butter while I was getting dressed. I can’t can wait to see how that turns out…

Thankfully, they’re not always causing trouble. Most of the time they’re busy laying on the ground, acting as mountains



Giving kisses


And cleaning up baby food messes


But sometimes, they just can’t help themselves and have to steal a binky or two.


And I’m pretty sure this little one can’t imagine life without her two best friends


We love you Chase & Charlie!

ps- these doggies will FINALLY be getting a fenced in yard this week! Pretty sure it’s going to rock their world

This week, I decided to stop making excuses and start running fast again. Since I started running after Parker was born, it’s been, “I just had a baby __ months ago” or “well I’m running with the baby jogger so…” But now it’s time to stop, suck it up and push myself.

Fast forward to Friday, when Parkie and I went for a 4 mile run at our fav running spot. It was an awesome day to get fast because:

1) As I was walking to the start of the trail, a large group of high school xc runner ran past us. Nothing like a little competition to speed you up. We followed them for the first 1.5 miles (when they turned around :()

2) Parker has stopped sleeping while I run, and has started watching. I love listening to her giggle and yell as we run. As an added bonus, she now feels that she needs to “hang on” which makes me feel mega speedy.

3) When we finished, I noticed that there was another trail going uphill that had been decorated with jack o lanterns – just the excuse I needed to do some hill sprints!

After our run, Parker and I went to my sisters homecoming football game.  Audrey is a senior and was on the homecoming court.  Obviously, we had to go to show our support (even though it was well past someones bed time).  During our brief time at the game we decided a few things:

1) High schoolers are crazy – sauce

actually that basically sums it up.  Between hitting people with balloons, random awwws, girls wearing kitty cat ears (to show support for the girl on homecoming court named kitty) and the condemned section of the bleachers (just the last few rows, obviously the other rows connected to them were totally safe…) I decided that this will probably be my last high school football game of the year.

Ultimately, Kitty did win homecoming queen, but we’re still very proud of Audj.  Doesn’t she look beautiful?20131018-232151.jpg