This week, I decided to stop making excuses and start running fast again. Since I started running after Parker was born, it’s been, “I just had a baby __ months ago” or “well I’m running with the baby jogger so…” But now it’s time to stop, suck it up and push myself.

Fast forward to Friday, when Parkie and I went for a 4 mile run at our fav running spot. It was an awesome day to get fast because:

1) As I was walking to the start of the trail, a large group of high school xc runner ran past us. Nothing like a little competition to speed you up. We followed them for the first 1.5 miles (when they turned around :()

2) Parker has stopped sleeping while I run, and has started watching. I love listening to her giggle and yell as we run. As an added bonus, she now feels that she needs to “hang on” which makes me feel mega speedy.

3) When we finished, I noticed that there was another trail going uphill that had been decorated with jack o lanterns – just the excuse I needed to do some hill sprints!

After our run, Parker and I went to my sisters homecoming football game.  Audrey is a senior and was on the homecoming court.  Obviously, we had to go to show our support (even though it was well past someones bed time).  During our brief time at the game we decided a few things:

1) High schoolers are crazy – sauce

actually that basically sums it up.  Between hitting people with balloons, random awwws, girls wearing kitty cat ears (to show support for the girl on homecoming court named kitty) and the condemned section of the bleachers (just the last few rows, obviously the other rows connected to them were totally safe…) I decided that this will probably be my last high school football game of the year.

Ultimately, Kitty did win homecoming queen, but we’re still very proud of Audj.  Doesn’t she look beautiful?20131018-232151.jpg