This face

is the face of a baby who slept in until 11am this morning!

I have to say, I think this is a girl who knows how to take care of her mama. I’ve been absolutely exhausted since this weekend and a few extra hours of sleep was exactly what I needed. (Obviously she didn’t mind either!)


Isn’t she the best?

Once we got up, Parks and I made the most of our day by:
-Making and eating some banana chocolate chip and cinnamon apple pancakes

-cleaning the house a bit (vacuuming and laundry etc.)

-a trip to Starbucks with Aunt Steff for a much needed pumpkin spice latte

-our weekly grocery shopping trip to Trader Joes

-a quick 3 mile run around the neighborhood (apparently neighborhood runs are very relaxing for this little one)


– followed by an early bed time for the baby(she was exhausted) and an amazing Olive Garden copycat homemade dinner (I’ll share it with you soon, let’s just say that I may never have to eat at Olive Garden again)

All in all, Id say it was a wonderful day:)