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Happy Thanksgiving!  After an amazing 8 mile run this morning, my day has been spent doing a crazy amount of cooking, with a beach walk and some much needed down time.  I thought about doing a list of things I’m thankful for (since I totally am not together enough to post one thing every day for the entire month of November) but I’m not feeling it today, plus you all like pictures better so I figured I’d share some pictures of things I’m thankful for (obviously not all-inclusive, you can’t take a picture of everything!)  Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving!

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We made it!  It’s freezing, but the beach is beautiful.  Unfortunately, my sister Carolina was unable to join us due to school athletic commitments.  Because we miss her so we brought her student id with us and have been taking pictures of her trip to BHI.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day:


Carol at the beach


Carol and Dad baking together

ImageCarol and one of the weird pictures on the wall creeping in the window

ImageCarol enjoying a margaritaImage

Carol made a mess (obviously Parker had nothing to do with this)

ImageCarol and Par chillin

ImageCarol stealing Parker’s binky

ImageCarol celebrating Hanukkah with us.

It’s possible that I might be the only person who finds this amusing/hilarious, oops;)

My sister Ashley also wasn’t able to join us 😦 but for some reason didn’t provide us with her id to experience the vacation. Something about how a teacher id floating in an alcoholic beverage would be inappropriate? Totally lame. But that doesn’t mean we don’t miss her too. I mean look at this face – totally missing her aunt Ashley. P


Ok so I know it’s hard to tell but she’s totally screaming in that picture. It’s hard to people to take you seriously when you look this cute while sad.

So you know that song Some Nights by Fun that was popular like 2 years ago and was thus overplayed like a lot? Well I still love that song. It’s awesome. And those of you who don’t think so (cough entire family and husband cough) can just deal with that. So there.

We started our trip down to bald head island for thanksgiving vacation last night by listening to, you guessed it, some nights on the radio. Which was promptly followed by another song that apparently I am the only one who still likes (except if that was true, would they still play it on hits 1 on the radio, I think not) Roar. Since I was driving, I laid claim to the radio and insisted that they all become a little more cultured by listening along, haha.

We’re finishing up our drive today, with this amazing view.

I know, you’re totally jealous right?

Here’s to hoping for an uneventful and quick rest of trip, some better pictures to share with you when we get there, and some more great songs on the radio while we travel(I’m thinking I will walk 500 miles?)!
Oh, and that this little one will continue the trip just like she started it (such a good little traveler)


What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Favorite traveling song?

When you’re traveling, do you like being the driver or passenger?

This sweetie pie turned 8 months yesterday. I honestly can’t believe it. People keep asking me how old she is and I always have to catch myself and remember to say 8 months- how is that possible?PL-18


This little monkey has definitely changed our lives in a completely indescribable way.  She totally lights up our world and I can’t imagine what life was even like without her..

So, a little glimpse into what life with her is like…

Parks has begun to eat real food.  We don’t do really organized meals, but she picks at our breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We’ve pretty much followed baby lead weaning and have loved it.  It makes prep so easy and our meal times so pleasant!  Currently, she’s totally in love with oranges.  She loves sucking the juice out and then throwing the rest on the floor (unfortunately, the dogs aren’t so fond of the leftovers).  I shouldn’t be surprised considering the one thing I had to have every day during pregnancy was orange juice:)



She also still loves her Starbucks. This pic is from a few months ago, but the sentiment hasn’t changed.  She’s truly a girl after her mama’s heart.

She’s also as fidgity as her mama.  Not a fan of sitting still all day.  She’s sitting, standing, crawling, climbing and “hovering”(that’s what I call when she stands without support for 3 seconds before she realizes she’s not holding anything and gets worried and sits back down).  She’s going to be walking in no time.


Parks loves trips out.  She loves smiling and then hiding from new friends at the grocery store, target, park and of course Trader Joe’s.

Thankfully, she’s started into a regular napping routine. And are working towards longer sleeping sessions at night (I honestly don’t know how long, because I’m totally not interested in looking at the clock anymore when she wakes up.)  Right now, I’ve chosen just to enjoy the extra snuggles and time together while she still wants it (even if it is in the middle of the night)!

She’s also very chatty.  Her favorite “word” is babbabababababa and we’re pretty sure the “who” sound she makes is in reference to the dogs (she almost exclusively uses it when she sees them or another dog around). I’m working on getting her to say mama, but so far no luck;)

She does a great job leaving me to spend the day with her Mimi or go the church nursery.  That is until I walk past, or she hears me, or I don’t acknowledge her when grabbing something from the nursery – then she screams until I come pick her up.  Little girl knows what works…


Well, I feel like I could write about Parker for days, but this is already pretty long.  Plus since just about every other post I write is about her – I’m pretty sure you get the jist of it!


It’s Friday! At least for another hour and a half or so. And I can honestly say it’s been a great Friday so far. So, time for a random string of fun facts!

1. Someone is teething (finally!) I got my first tooth at 8 months and it seems this little one is following suit(she’ll be 8 months in 2 days). The runny nose started yesterday and when I noticed the drooling this morning, I checked and found a little bump forming:) thankfully, she hasn’t been very cranky, just a little bit extra chewy. And her fav chew toy of the day – her big toe haha.


2. Yesterday, we got our new furnace and ac installed. I had to be at church, so my mother in law stayed at the house while they did the install. She got bored, and decided to clean the house:) apparently is much more fun to clean someone else’s house than your own? Either way I’m not complaining – it was totally amazing to not have a cleaning project to take care of today…

3. Someone is obsessed with organic matter – sticks, leaves etc. if she gets her hands on it it’s going in her mouth, and you better but try to take it away…

(Photo credit plum speckled photography


4. I ate 4 of these cookies today. In less than 10 minutes. Still amazing.


5. We decided on a Christmas card picture. Can’t wait to order and send these out!


6. Did I share this picture with you before? At the end of the photo shoot for my moms birthday, Parker ate a rose petal. Which ended up making her spit up all over me. And this beautiful picture was taken. Probably the most accurate representation of the past 8 months.


7. This girl loves selfies. Oh dear.


8. I finished “Allegiant”. Still can’t decide how I feel about it. Definitely had a hard time putting it down, but still trying to process the ending…

9. This is the oldest photo on my phone. From the night we got chaser a little over 4 years ago. Can’t believe this goober has been with us that long. While he drives me crazy almost every day, I can’t imagine life without him


10. In 5 days, Ill be watching this

20131122-231128.jpg. Absolutely can’t wait.

what are your thanksgiving plans?

What is the first photo on your phone?

Food your obsessed with right now?

Brrr…. The temperature here dropped like 20 degrees overnight. And then the wind decided to join the party- I wasn’t prepared for this…

Despite the chilly weather, Parker and I still made it out for a run. Of course we had to make sure she was all bundled up first:)


Apparently this guy didn’t get the memo


Other than our run, we didn’t venture out too much. I spent Parker’s nap working on painting her crib(more details to come) on the porch so I got my fair share of fresh air.

As the weather gets colder, I find it harder and harder to venture outside. I hate staying inside all day but also
hate being cold…

To combat the cold, I made myself a nice decaf latte post dinner. Nothing like some warm coffee to take the chill off things.


how do you keep warm in the winter?

Any ideas on how to motivate yourself to brave the cold?

What are some outdoor activities you enjoy in winter?

Remember when we had family pictures done? We had a set done with my mom and sisters as a birthday present for my mom and then a shoot of just Andrew, Par and I. I wanted to share a few of the FABULOUS photos taken by plum speckled photography!














Now the hard part, what to choose for a Christmas card? help!! Which one(s) do you like?


This one trying to shove a million veggie sticks in her mouth all at the same time.

These cookies. I picked up a bag of peanut butter and milk chocolate chips this week and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Now my cookies are usually pretty good, but these were he best I’ve ever had – definitely try these chips. Ahmazing

Two quick runs. Life got in the way this week and running just didn’t work out. I managed to squeeze in a quick one on Friday (I had exactly 15 minutes otherwise we wouldn’t make it in time for Starbucks holiday buy one get one). It wasn’t long, but it felt good to be speedy again.

Tired pups. Our fence was FINALLY finished this week (it’s been a long process) and we can now leave them our without worrying. They love spending hours outside nosing around in the yard. And I love how tired they are when they are done!

Old family photos.

New family photos! I’ll share more with you tomorrow, still having too much fun going through them right now:)

what was one of you week highlights? What are you looking forward to this week?

1. Waking up and crawling all over Mom and Dad. When she wakes up in the morning, we pull Parker into bed and she crawls over, around, and on top of both of us as we take turns squeezing in a few extra seconds of sleep.

2. Veggie sticks and puffins. Nuf’ said.

3. Chatting (probably my favorite too)

4. Feeding people (and doggies). Today she realized she could give us (and the pups) food and we would gobble it up- absolutely adorable.

5. Making this face

And… Her least favorite thing:
1. Diaper changes. That is if I can keep her still long enough to actually get a new diaper on her. This girl is as slippery as a grease monkey (I know bad reference – who’s ever seen a greasy monkey?). Changing her diaper is close to next to impossible. If I manage to get the diaper off without her crawling away, or she doesn’t pee on the carpet I count it as a win.

Today, I rebecame (it’s totally a word), an official Pennsylvania resident.  Well at least temporarily for the next 15 days while they decide if my picture matches that of a wanted terrorist, bank robber or identity thief.

Obviously, Parker and I spent our morning at the DMV.  It was actually a relatively quick and pleasant visit once we got there.  I had my first ever issue with Google Maps on the way and our 15-20 minute drive ended up being an hour long drive = ugh.  Amazingly apple maps was easily able to get us there (yet another surprise for the day).  Also, please don’t judge me based upon this photo.  This is very dirty hair, plus slightly unhappy baby and I can’t quiet get my head to be at the angle the photographer wants me to have it at photo.  The first one was amazingly better, but apparently wasn’t able to be used for my license.  Granted, either is a step up from the mug shot I had on my Delaware license (no smiling in Delaware – don’t you even dare to try)

By the time we got home, Parks was ready for a nap so I took the opportunity to clean up the house and rake up some leaves.  While I was raking, Andrew pulled up!  He left work early to spend the afternoon with Parker and I 🙂  Parker was very excited to see him when she woke up from her nap, and I have to say I loved having Daddy home for the day too!

We had a nice lunch together, played together on the floor and then took advantage of Starbucks but one get one on holiday drinks this week.  I feel like life is always better when we’re all together so this extra time was definitely appreciated.

In other news, Parker has definitely mastered the hissyfit.  I’m not sure that’s supposed to happen at 7.5 months but the other day I was trying to take a video of her happy morning self (of all things!) and so she couldn’t have my phone.  This is the video I ended up with

Pathetic right?  I feel like starting this early cannot be a good thing… oh dear…

Finally, I made the most amazing cookies yesterday.  Toll house now sells a bag of peanut butter and milk chocolate chips mixed together in the same bag.  I followed my usual recipe but they turned out absolutely wonderful.  I was about to take a picture to show you when my phone died, and lets be honest this cookie is not going to last until when my phone is undead so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.  Fan-Freakin-Tabulous.  Just another reason why I’m glad PA doesn’t list your weight on your license (Delaware does – how weird is that?)

Do you like your drivers license picture?  What’s your favorite type of cookie?  Favorite Starbucks holiday beverage?