I know. You already think I’m crazy, but I honestly do love running hills.

Today I went on my run (solo!) and despite being totally sore from yesterday’s workout managed to pull out a little over 6 miles at 8:30 pace. As I finished up mile 4 I came upon a hill. There were 2 young guys a ways ahead of me but I used the hill as an opportunity to significantly close the gap (they obviously knew I was racing them – don’t you race every single person you see while out on a run?).

I love hills because they give you a chance to dig deep, they’re never as easy as you think they’ll be, they’re always an opportunity to close the gap and you always come out feeling stronger.

I didn’t always love hills. I used to just tolerate them. Then came an itb injury and a summer vacation to Maine (which in case you didn’t know is basically one huge mountain). My doctor cleared me for running as long as the pain didn’t increase as I went. Everyone in my family was running this 5 mile course everyday of vacation, and being the competitive person I am (surprised right?) I was obviously going to do it to (and do it faster to boot). I realized fairly quickly that my itb would hurt the entire run except when I was going uphill. As the week progressed I started looking forward to the hills and really started to lean in and run them right.

And I haven’t looked back. My itb no longer constantly hurts while running(granted I still deal with the typical runner itb issues) but I still love the hills. I love to lean in, dig deep and conquer something that so many others dread. (Granted I’m not totally crazy – there are some hills that even I dread, you have to keep it real)

Ok. So that was a lot of words and no pictures. Epically sad. To make this post a bit more interesting I’m gonna leave you with this picture #babyinabox