Lately, I’ve been getting a number of “well that’s very ambitious…” (read: she’s totally crazy) comments.  I guess I like to live in the wild side since I:

  • run with a baby jogger.  I don’t just run with my baby, I try to run at a decent pace (I’m still working on getting back up to speed) and I run anywhere and everywhere I can with her.  I love not only how strong I feel after completing a run while pushing that stroller, but also that I am getting the opportunity to share my love of running with my daughter.  She absolutely loves going on runs, and I hope it’ll stay that way!  Plus it’s always nice to have a running partner:)


  • walk my dogs.  On second thought, this one might be a little crazy.  I try to walk the dogs in the afternoon when Parker and I are home.  Which means I strap my baby to my back (love my Ergo carrier!) and leash up my two slightly large dogs (who may or may not weigh more than I do…)  They’re not always the best behaved, but we’ve done pretty well so far and they need to get out of the house (as do I!)

(I’d totally post a picture of this, because I think you’d enjoy it but I kinda have my hands full haha – instead you’ll have to deal with this cute picture of them snuggling)


  • use cloth diapers.  (Which I absolutely love!)  #1 They’re way cuter than disposable, #2 They don’t end up in a landfill and #3 I can’t even start on how much money we’re saving every month.  Add the savings of  using cloth wipes (they smell good, are larger than disposable, and don’t contain any harsh chemicals) and you’ve got one happy baby


  • am still breastfeeding. Somehow, I’ve managed to have 3 cases of mastitis (don’t google it unless you want to be slightly disturbed) but just know it’s not pleasant. But we’ve stuck with it and are still going strong:)
  • would love to have a few more kids. I come from a large family – the oldest of 6 and loved every most minutes of it. Granted I’m not ready to have 16 and counting, but I’d love to have 4!


I’m sure people think I’m crazy for a lot more reasons (I’m overly competitive, a total brand freak and love the song “roar” by Katy Perry to name a few). What do you do that other people find just a little bit “ambitious”?