So you know how we had an Olive Garden night a little while ago and I promised to share the amazing recipes? (I promise they’re way better than even going to Olive Garden, especially since you get to keep the leftovers).

Now I’m gonna be honest, both times I’ve made this we’ve ended up crowing down so fast I don’t have a picture. Maybe next time?

First up, these breadsticks. Probably, definitely not in any way healthy for you but definitely wonderful. I followed the recipe exactly as is.

Next, I loosely followed this recipe for Zuppa Tuscana soup (my Olive Garden fave). I substituted spicy chicken sausage (trader joes brand) for the regular sausage and turkey bacon for regular bacon. I also attempted this time to use Greek yogurt instead of whipping cream, which I don’t recommend trying (lesson learned).

Finally the salad. My mother in law bought Andrew and I some legit Olive Garden salad dressing like a year ago (I’m
hoping it’s not expired…). I added some romaine, tomatoes and onion(I’m not a fan of olives so I left those out) and topped with some Parmesan cheese. My only regret was that I didn’t make more! 1 bowl was not enough.

Moving on to my other copycat of the day- this little goober.

I realized today just how much she loves to copy me throughout the day. From drinking my tea, to stealing my sunglasses to eating my food(eating the same exact food that is given to her is not quiet the same..) this little one is copying me.


She might actually go beyond the whole copying thing considering she much prefers the food I’m about to put in my mouth to the seemingly identical food she has in front of her, and obviously my water tastes better than hers.


Which is actually a bit scary. I guess I better keep it together, cause she’s kinda a big deal you know.