Before I had Parker, there were times when people would describe something their child did and I would think “my dog does that!” It only took a few funny looks to realize I shouldn’t say that out loud. I have to say now that I have my own child, I totally don’t understand.

Honestly, every day I find more and more things they have in common (they do say the longer we have our dogs the more we become alike right?). Just a few examples:


She could just have finished eating and yet every time she’ll go straight for the dog bowl to steal their food.


They both love the dishwasher. (One for the good crumbs and the other to bang on the dishes). As soon as I open it, they both come running.


They both love Sophie the Giraffe. When we moved into our house, we couldn’t find Sophie. I looked everywhere I assumed we had left her at church or she had fallen out of the diaper bag somewhere. Turns out Sophie was at my in-laws with the dogs(they stayed there while we settled in). My mother in law was using Sophie to get Chase to come inside the house (he’s literally the worst at coming in when you call him) and it worked every time. Now that he’s with us. He searches the house for Sophie every chance he gets.

They chew on everything. I’ve actually caught them sharing dog toys. One of the dogs will be chewing on something, Parker will grab it from them and chew on it and at the first opportunity, they grab it back and chew on it (germs are good right?)

Most of the time I have no idea what they are talking about. Sometimes I can figure out why the dog is barking or what Parker is yelling about but most of the time I have no idea what they’re saying. Note: major difference is that Parker’s talking is pretty cute, whereas the dogs barking- not so much…

So those of you without dogs probably don’t understand this post or how I could possibly compare my daughter to my pups. Let me just say, I don’t think my daughter is the same as my dogs- I just find their current similarities amusing, I hope you do too?

Do you have dogs? What sorts of goofy things do they do?