Today, I rebecame (it’s totally a word), an official Pennsylvania resident.  Well at least temporarily for the next 15 days while they decide if my picture matches that of a wanted terrorist, bank robber or identity thief.

Obviously, Parker and I spent our morning at the DMV.  It was actually a relatively quick and pleasant visit once we got there.  I had my first ever issue with Google Maps on the way and our 15-20 minute drive ended up being an hour long drive = ugh.  Amazingly apple maps was easily able to get us there (yet another surprise for the day).  Also, please don’t judge me based upon this photo.  This is very dirty hair, plus slightly unhappy baby and I can’t quiet get my head to be at the angle the photographer wants me to have it at photo.  The first one was amazingly better, but apparently wasn’t able to be used for my license.  Granted, either is a step up from the mug shot I had on my Delaware license (no smiling in Delaware – don’t you even dare to try)

By the time we got home, Parks was ready for a nap so I took the opportunity to clean up the house and rake up some leaves.  While I was raking, Andrew pulled up!  He left work early to spend the afternoon with Parker and I 🙂  Parker was very excited to see him when she woke up from her nap, and I have to say I loved having Daddy home for the day too!

We had a nice lunch together, played together on the floor and then took advantage of Starbucks but one get one on holiday drinks this week.  I feel like life is always better when we’re all together so this extra time was definitely appreciated.

In other news, Parker has definitely mastered the hissyfit.  I’m not sure that’s supposed to happen at 7.5 months but the other day I was trying to take a video of her happy morning self (of all things!) and so she couldn’t have my phone.  This is the video I ended up with

Pathetic right?  I feel like starting this early cannot be a good thing… oh dear…

Finally, I made the most amazing cookies yesterday.  Toll house now sells a bag of peanut butter and milk chocolate chips mixed together in the same bag.  I followed my usual recipe but they turned out absolutely wonderful.  I was about to take a picture to show you when my phone died, and lets be honest this cookie is not going to last until when my phone is undead so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.  Fan-Freakin-Tabulous.  Just another reason why I’m glad PA doesn’t list your weight on your license (Delaware does – how weird is that?)

Do you like your drivers license picture?  What’s your favorite type of cookie?  Favorite Starbucks holiday beverage?