Brrr…. The temperature here dropped like 20 degrees overnight. And then the wind decided to join the party- I wasn’t prepared for this…

Despite the chilly weather, Parker and I still made it out for a run. Of course we had to make sure she was all bundled up first:)


Apparently this guy didn’t get the memo


Other than our run, we didn’t venture out too much. I spent Parker’s nap working on painting her crib(more details to come) on the porch so I got my fair share of fresh air.

As the weather gets colder, I find it harder and harder to venture outside. I hate staying inside all day but also
hate being cold…

To combat the cold, I made myself a nice decaf latte post dinner. Nothing like some warm coffee to take the chill off things.


how do you keep warm in the winter?

Any ideas on how to motivate yourself to brave the cold?

What are some outdoor activities you enjoy in winter?