So you know that song Some Nights by Fun that was popular like 2 years ago and was thus overplayed like a lot? Well I still love that song. It’s awesome. And those of you who don’t think so (cough entire family and husband cough) can just deal with that. So there.

We started our trip down to bald head island for thanksgiving vacation last night by listening to, you guessed it, some nights on the radio. Which was promptly followed by another song that apparently I am the only one who still likes (except if that was true, would they still play it on hits 1 on the radio, I think not) Roar. Since I was driving, I laid claim to the radio and insisted that they all become a little more cultured by listening along, haha.

We’re finishing up our drive today, with this amazing view.

I know, you’re totally jealous right?

Here’s to hoping for an uneventful and quick rest of trip, some better pictures to share with you when we get there, and some more great songs on the radio while we travel(I’m thinking I will walk 500 miles?)!
Oh, and that this little one will continue the trip just like she started it (such a good little traveler)


What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Favorite traveling song?

When you’re traveling, do you like being the driver or passenger?