Ok, so as you can probably tell, we’ve been listening to Christmas music just a bit over here.  Our (I guess I have to use the term our losely, I have decided it also includes Parks and the dogs but Andrew definitely is not included:() favorite christmas album has to be Hanson “Snowed In”  This has been my favorite since probably high school and I project will continue to be my favorite christmas album until the end of time ever.

Now, while I love listening to Christmas music, I’m not one of those people who can’t wait until Thanksgiving because we have to get out the Christmas decorations.  I actually figured out this year that our Christmas decorations consist of:

  • a christmas tree
  • ornaments & star for the tree
  • christmas stockings
  • a nativity scene
  • christmas books
  • a children’s nativity scene (for Parks to play with)

the end.

So, it’s possible that we might decorate as much for Christmas as the Grinch.  But, that doesn’t mean I don’t love this season!  Especially with Parker in tow, we are starting so many new fun holiday traditions that I thought would be fun to share with you all:

2013-12-10 12.54.51 2013-12-11 10.02.39

1.  Playing with the nativity scene.  So far it seems her favorite “character” is the angel, followed closely by baby Jesus.  She does seem to think that being on top of the stable is far superior to being in it, so she makes sure everyone gets a chance at this prime piece of real estate.  Since she loves it so much she’s getting a touch and feel Christmas Story book in her stocking (shh don’t tell…)

2013-12-07 07.59.13

2. Wearing Christmas jammies.  Every year, our family gets christmas jammies (although Parks is the only one who’s jammies have a christmas theme).  Then on Christmas eve we all wear them as we wait for Santa to arrive!  It’s such a fun tradition and an awesome way to trade out some worn and tired pjs

icm_fullxfull.34062803_z9djmfh54cgw440co4wo3.  A new Christmas Ornament.  Every year growing up, each kid would get to pick out one new ornament for our tree.  It was so much fun to pull them out of the box in subsequent years and remember when we had picked them out.  Parks didn’t get to pick her own out this year, but we made sure she’ll have one to remember her 1st Christmas by!

IMG_37464.  We also made ornaments this year!  While I know her little hand won’t always fit on an ornament, I hope creating some sort of Christmas Craft will be a tradition we continue every year.



5. Christmas Cards!!!  This is probably one of my most favorite things to do every year (and receive, please send me a christmas card, ok?).  I love sending out cards to all our friends and family and getting awesome cards in the mail (who doesn’t love mail right?)

We have a few things left on the list to do before Christmas as far as traditions go, but I’ll share them with you as we get to them (if we don’t do them, they won’t be traditions until next year I guess.)


What traditions do your family do for the holidays?

Any suggestions on other holiday traditions we have to try?

What is your favorite Christmas CD?

Do you love Hanson as much as I do?