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Well, it finally happened – after almost 3 years we actually got snow (and boy did we get a lot of it!)  On Sunday the weather man forecasted 1 inch starting after 3 but by the time we left church at 1:15 there was at least 4 inches on the ground (note to self: wearing Birkenstock clogs to church on a day when its supposed to snow = not a good idea).  Unfortunately, that meant a 3.5 hour ride home for us:(  Then again, early Tuesday morning they skys opened up again.  This snow was much more exciting because:

a. we were all home and able to enjoy it falling without needing to drive anywhere or do anything2013-12-08 14.04.33

b. Andrew got to work from home

c. Since it was still daylight,  Parker got to play a bit in the snow (I’m not sure she found this quiet as exciting as I did)2013-12-10 11.57.58 2013-12-10 12.02.22-2

d.  this cooped up momma finally got a little exercise in shoveling the snow (we can talk about my severe lack of workouts later, ok?)

e.  The roads were plowed and clear by late afternoon, so Parker and I were able to run off for a quick Starbucks date with my sisters so Andrew could have the house to himself for a conference call2013-12-03 17.25.16

f. I got a bunch of Christmas shopping done (online of course)

g.  This snow still looks prettyIMG_3752

h. (I totally almost labeled this one 9 and then realized I wasn’t counting – epic fail) The dogs love the snow and have been playing outside for hours = exhausted pupsIMG_3753

i.  Everyone off of school means rapid fire group texts

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 1.02.38 PM

Did you get snow where you live?

What do you like to do on snow days?

Favorite christmas Song?


Parks has 2 new best friends. Well not exactly new, but newly best. They eat together, share food, snuggle and wrestle together. They also provide her with more entertainment than any one or thing else. They are her pups. Check it out:







We’re working on being gentle with our pups, but they (especially chase, our normal pain in the butt) are so patient and sweet with Parkie while she learns. And I can’t say he minds the extra attention


Plus they’ve been waiting for a third best friend for their pack for some time now, it’s so fun to see their friendship develop!

It’s Friday! At least for another hour and a half or so. And I can honestly say it’s been a great Friday so far. So, time for a random string of fun facts!

1. Someone is teething (finally!) I got my first tooth at 8 months and it seems this little one is following suit(she’ll be 8 months in 2 days). The runny nose started yesterday and when I noticed the drooling this morning, I checked and found a little bump forming:) thankfully, she hasn’t been very cranky, just a little bit extra chewy. And her fav chew toy of the day – her big toe haha.


2. Yesterday, we got our new furnace and ac installed. I had to be at church, so my mother in law stayed at the house while they did the install. She got bored, and decided to clean the house:) apparently is much more fun to clean someone else’s house than your own? Either way I’m not complaining – it was totally amazing to not have a cleaning project to take care of today…

3. Someone is obsessed with organic matter – sticks, leaves etc. if she gets her hands on it it’s going in her mouth, and you better but try to take it away…

(Photo credit plum speckled photography


4. I ate 4 of these cookies today. In less than 10 minutes. Still amazing.


5. We decided on a Christmas card picture. Can’t wait to order and send these out!


6. Did I share this picture with you before? At the end of the photo shoot for my moms birthday, Parker ate a rose petal. Which ended up making her spit up all over me. And this beautiful picture was taken. Probably the most accurate representation of the past 8 months.


7. This girl loves selfies. Oh dear.


8. I finished “Allegiant”. Still can’t decide how I feel about it. Definitely had a hard time putting it down, but still trying to process the ending…

9. This is the oldest photo on my phone. From the night we got chaser a little over 4 years ago. Can’t believe this goober has been with us that long. While he drives me crazy almost every day, I can’t imagine life without him


10. In 5 days, Ill be watching this

20131122-231128.jpg. Absolutely can’t wait.

what are your thanksgiving plans?

What is the first photo on your phone?

Food your obsessed with right now?


This one trying to shove a million veggie sticks in her mouth all at the same time.

These cookies. I picked up a bag of peanut butter and milk chocolate chips this week and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Now my cookies are usually pretty good, but these were he best I’ve ever had – definitely try these chips. Ahmazing

Two quick runs. Life got in the way this week and running just didn’t work out. I managed to squeeze in a quick one on Friday (I had exactly 15 minutes otherwise we wouldn’t make it in time for Starbucks holiday buy one get one). It wasn’t long, but it felt good to be speedy again.

Tired pups. Our fence was FINALLY finished this week (it’s been a long process) and we can now leave them our without worrying. They love spending hours outside nosing around in the yard. And I love how tired they are when they are done!

Old family photos.

New family photos! I’ll share more with you tomorrow, still having too much fun going through them right now:)

what was one of you week highlights? What are you looking forward to this week?

Before I had Parker, there were times when people would describe something their child did and I would think “my dog does that!” It only took a few funny looks to realize I shouldn’t say that out loud. I have to say now that I have my own child, I totally don’t understand.

Honestly, every day I find more and more things they have in common (they do say the longer we have our dogs the more we become alike right?). Just a few examples:


She could just have finished eating and yet every time she’ll go straight for the dog bowl to steal their food.


They both love the dishwasher. (One for the good crumbs and the other to bang on the dishes). As soon as I open it, they both come running.


They both love Sophie the Giraffe. When we moved into our house, we couldn’t find Sophie. I looked everywhere I assumed we had left her at church or she had fallen out of the diaper bag somewhere. Turns out Sophie was at my in-laws with the dogs(they stayed there while we settled in). My mother in law was using Sophie to get Chase to come inside the house (he’s literally the worst at coming in when you call him) and it worked every time. Now that he’s with us. He searches the house for Sophie every chance he gets.

They chew on everything. I’ve actually caught them sharing dog toys. One of the dogs will be chewing on something, Parker will grab it from them and chew on it and at the first opportunity, they grab it back and chew on it (germs are good right?)

Most of the time I have no idea what they are talking about. Sometimes I can figure out why the dog is barking or what Parker is yelling about but most of the time I have no idea what they’re saying. Note: major difference is that Parker’s talking is pretty cute, whereas the dogs barking- not so much…

So those of you without dogs probably don’t understand this post or how I could possibly compare my daughter to my pups. Let me just say, I don’t think my daughter is the same as my dogs- I just find their current similarities amusing, I hope you do too?

Do you have dogs? What sorts of goofy things do they do?

These two have an uncanny ability to look absolutely innocent


Right? They play the part well.

You never would guess that they ate almost an entire tub of butter while I was getting dressed. I can’t can wait to see how that turns out…

Thankfully, they’re not always causing trouble. Most of the time they’re busy laying on the ground, acting as mountains



Giving kisses


And cleaning up baby food messes


But sometimes, they just can’t help themselves and have to steal a binky or two.


And I’m pretty sure this little one can’t imagine life without her two best friends


We love you Chase & Charlie!

ps- these doggies will FINALLY be getting a fenced in yard this week! Pretty sure it’s going to rock their world