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One of my favorite things to do on vacation is exercise. I feel like there’s nothing more mentally and physically relaxing than working hard and eating hard in someplace where my cleaning, work and other responsibilities are low.

This vacation was no exception. We got in on Wednesday afternoon and because parker had had a cold I hadn’t run in a week. So we unloaded and I laced up my running shoes to go for a quick 4 miles. It was the perfect remedy after being in the car for 9 hours.

The next morning I decided to take advantage of my opportunity to run solo and ran the outskirts of the entire island. I was pretty excited to see a steady sub 8:50 pace, especially when I got a little lost and ended up doing an extra mile bringing my total to 8.

The next day I convinced my sisters and dad to do the same route with me. We started all together, then after a mile my dad and I broke off and sped up a bit. Now something you need to know about my dad – he is the only person I know who is more competitive than I am. And he runs most of his miles on a treadmill, which equates to an extremely steady pacing partner. After our slow first mile, the next 3 with him at around 8:10 felt good. Right before a pretty big hill he turned back to check on his girlfriend and my sisters. I was a but worried that the loss of my partner would have a negative impact on my speed and I was right (well kinda) because I managed to easily run the next 3 faster than the 3 I did with him! I cannot remember the last time I negative split, and finished with my fastest mile of the run(this time I didn’t get lost so I finished at exactly 7 miles)

Now rewinding to my first 8 mile run. I haven’t run more than 4 miles in probably 2 months. afterwards I felt a slight tinge in my knee but obviously ignored it to go back out for my 7 mile run. But let me tell you by the end of that 7 miles, my knee was killing me. At this point the smart thing would be to call it a week, proud of my 3 very successful runs. Cue Saturday when my determined (read stubborn) self ran straight to stupid. I wanted to make the most of my time so I went for a 4 mile run. I ran slow, but boy was it painful. Add to that 2 mile plus beach walks and a 2 mile round trip walk to the local coffee shop and you’ve gone from stupid to complete idiot(and obviously these are all words that I’ll insist my daughter not use haha).

After my run, as I was telling Andrew about how I shouldn’t have done that blah blah blah he asked the simple “well why did you then?” question. To which I answered, because I love to, because it was awesome, because I can. And so while my decisions seem to have quickly gone from determined to stubborn to stupid – I’m going to remain pumped that I made those decisions and pushed myself a bit too far this time. I’ll enjoy these few days of recovery, ready and knowing how fast and far I can go when I’m back:)
when was the last time you pushed yourself too far too fast?

Do you like to exercise on vacation?

Where is your next vacation going to be to?


So, as I mentioned earlier, we’ve spent the past 4 days in Bald Head Island (BHI). We first visited bhi almost 13 years ago and have been in love ever since. I was last there 3 years ago for Thanksgiving and this was Parker’s first trip (and first time at the beach too!). While the trip was short, I can say it far exceeded all of our expectations. We spent the past 4 days:

Relaxing on the deck, watching the waves crash on the shore

Crawling in the sand

Watching the sun set

Running (attractive right?)

Watching football


Family walks on the beach

Turkey bacon

Lots of pictures

Thanksgiving dinner (and leftovers:))


And golf cart driving.

We got on the ferry to leave exactly 3 hours ago, and I’m already ready to turn around and go back.

what did you do for Thanksgiving?

Last time you were at the beach?

Favorite vacation spot?


Happy Thanksgiving!  After an amazing 8 mile run this morning, my day has been spent doing a crazy amount of cooking, with a beach walk and some much needed down time.  I thought about doing a list of things I’m thankful for (since I totally am not together enough to post one thing every day for the entire month of November) but I’m not feeling it today, plus you all like pictures better so I figured I’d share some pictures of things I’m thankful for (obviously not all-inclusive, you can’t take a picture of everything!)  Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving!

IMG_3420.JPG IMG_1531 IMG_5182

2012-05-26 10.51.08 2013-07-04 10.07.33 2012-11-21 14.01.14

2012-11-20 07.13.372011-10-15 11.15.59 2013-11-22 10.09.06 DSC_0111 V3 2012-06-27 20.52.30 2013-24

2012-10-20 06.33.14 2013-03-25 07.22.56 2013-08-10 10.58.35

IMG_3078 IMG_3336 2013-09-04 21.27.14 2013-09-25 11.58.52 IMG_2638 IMG_3016

2013-10-20 04.57.33 2013-10-20 04.45.262013-10-20 19.28.23

2013-10-28 19.40.562013-10-25 23.08.06281289_10151278372439870_1255010217_n 39197_785174377204_586307_n 179562_10100617466429234_65893214_n 76386_1608966311725_6623033_n

We made it!  It’s freezing, but the beach is beautiful.  Unfortunately, my sister Carolina was unable to join us due to school athletic commitments.  Because we miss her so we brought her student id with us and have been taking pictures of her trip to BHI.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day:


Carol at the beach


Carol and Dad baking together

ImageCarol and one of the weird pictures on the wall creeping in the window

ImageCarol enjoying a margaritaImage

Carol made a mess (obviously Parker had nothing to do with this)

ImageCarol and Par chillin

ImageCarol stealing Parker’s binky

ImageCarol celebrating Hanukkah with us.

It’s possible that I might be the only person who finds this amusing/hilarious, oops;)

My sister Ashley also wasn’t able to join us 😦 but for some reason didn’t provide us with her id to experience the vacation. Something about how a teacher id floating in an alcoholic beverage would be inappropriate? Totally lame. But that doesn’t mean we don’t miss her too. I mean look at this face – totally missing her aunt Ashley. P


Ok so I know it’s hard to tell but she’s totally screaming in that picture. It’s hard to people to take you seriously when you look this cute while sad.