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We made it!  It’s freezing, but the beach is beautiful.  Unfortunately, my sister Carolina was unable to join us due to school athletic commitments.  Because we miss her so we brought her student id with us and have been taking pictures of her trip to BHI.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day:


Carol at the beach


Carol and Dad baking together

ImageCarol and one of the weird pictures on the wall creeping in the window

ImageCarol enjoying a margaritaImage

Carol made a mess (obviously Parker had nothing to do with this)

ImageCarol and Par chillin

ImageCarol stealing Parker’s binky

ImageCarol celebrating Hanukkah with us.

It’s possible that I might be the only person who finds this amusing/hilarious, oops;)

My sister Ashley also wasn’t able to join us 😦 but for some reason didn’t provide us with her id to experience the vacation. Something about how a teacher id floating in an alcoholic beverage would be inappropriate? Totally lame. But that doesn’t mean we don’t miss her too. I mean look at this face – totally missing her aunt Ashley. P


Ok so I know it’s hard to tell but she’s totally screaming in that picture. It’s hard to people to take you seriously when you look this cute while sad.


In case you didn’t know – today was election day, so most of the kids in the area had off of school.  Which means Parker and I got to spend the afternoon with Carolina & Steff!

We went over to my Dad’s to pick up a toy that he randomly received last December.  We’re not sure who it came from or why it came (since at the time I was pregnant – and the first one to have any kids), but I realized this weekend that Parker is just about the right age for it.  So we headed over to find and unpack it!  I’d say she was a pretty big fan (although I’m not sure the dogs are – it kinda creeps them out)IMG_3079

Audrey was busy with her friends or something (totally not cool) but we wanted to include her in our festivities anyway so we sent her this picture.  She txted back that that is definitely her in the photo.IMG_3075

Steff, Carolina, Parks & I made a much necessary trip to Chipotle for lunch where Parker chowed down on a tortilla and showed off her new skill of drinking through a straw (babies are totally supposed to have Arnold Palmers with their lunch right?).  We headed to Target to pick up a few things and then came back home to play with Park’s toy.

After a bit we had to leave to go make dinner.  Homemade Chipotle Burrito Bowls – (I know Chipotle twice in one day?  Yes – it’s just that good).  Andrew loves this dinner and insists that he “could eat it every day.”


I topped my burrito bowl with homemade Guac.  It’s got a great kick and tends to be a big hit so I wanted to share the recipe with you.  It’s totally simple and easily customized to your tastes – I’m warning you though, you’ll run out faster than you think!



  • 4 Avocados
  • 2 Jalepenos
  • 2  Cloves minced garlic
  • 1/2 Red Onion
  • 1 Tomato
  • 1 Tablespoon Hot Sauce
  • 1 Teaspoon Salt
  • 1 Lime

Cut avocados in half  and scoop into your bowl (hold on to 1 or 2 pits!). Dice jalepenos, onion and tomato and add to avocado. Mince garlic cloves and add to bowl. Stir in hot sauce and salt. Use a sharp knife to cut guacamole into small pieces (cut parallel lines across in one direction and then the other kind of like  a checkerboard).

Add lime juice and pits to maintain freshness (and to look fancy:)).

*This recipe is just a starting point! Alter the # of jalepenos, amount of Hot Sauce & Salt etc. depending upon your tastes.*

And, because my sister just sent this to me – a video of Parkie talking! She’s such a chatterbox now:)


What do you like to put on your burrito bowl?

Favorite Disney Movie?

What was your baby’s first word?

Well it’s been a whirlwind few days around here (or not around here, since it feels like we haven’t been home at all!)

A few highlights:

Shopping for an outfit for pictures with Aunt Carolina.  We ended up with a mega cute outfit and matching hat which parks is modeling here.. Isn’t she adorable?


A photo shoot with Plum Speckled Photography.

PL 065

They did Parkers newborn photo shoot which turned out AMAZING, so we had to get them to shoot some more pictures because this little one is just growing too fast.

PL 012

We had a few things to take care of during the day, and after church headed out for a friends surprise 40th birthday party!  The party was for my friend Whitney, who I used to work with.  It was nice to get to catch up with her and some other friends that I haven’t seen in a bit! (and reminded me that I am so grateful to be staying at home this fall:))

A visit with Parker’s G-Mack (my dad).  His fav thing to do when she visits is take selfies with her.


case and point



A big bowl of home popped popcorn to eat while catching up on TV for the week (no worries I still have about 8 shows left to watch from last week, meaning I’ll be watching season finales when everyone else is getting amped up for season premieres again next year).  And, I may or may not have completely finished the bowl before Andrew got any…