1. Waking up and crawling all over Mom and Dad. When she wakes up in the morning, we pull Parker into bed and she crawls over, around, and on top of both of us as we take turns squeezing in a few extra seconds of sleep.

2. Veggie sticks and puffins. Nuf’ said.

3. Chatting (probably my favorite too)

4. Feeding people (and doggies). Today she realized she could give us (and the pups) food and we would gobble it up- absolutely adorable.

5. Making this face

And… Her least favorite thing:
1. Diaper changes. That is if I can keep her still long enough to actually get a new diaper on her. This girl is as slippery as a grease monkey (I know bad reference – who’s ever seen a greasy monkey?). Changing her diaper is close to next to impossible. If I manage to get the diaper off without her crawling away, or she doesn’t pee on the carpet I count it as a win.