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Happy Thanksgiving!  After an amazing 8 mile run this morning, my day has been spent doing a crazy amount of cooking, with a beach walk and some much needed down time.  I thought about doing a list of things I’m thankful for (since I totally am not together enough to post one thing every day for the entire month of November) but I’m not feeling it today, plus you all like pictures better so I figured I’d share some pictures of things I’m thankful for (obviously not all-inclusive, you can’t take a picture of everything!)  Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving!

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This sweetie pie turned 8 months yesterday. I honestly can’t believe it. People keep asking me how old she is and I always have to catch myself and remember to say 8 months- how is that possible?PL-18


This little monkey has definitely changed our lives in a completely indescribable way.  She totally lights up our world and I can’t imagine what life was even like without her..

So, a little glimpse into what life with her is like…

Parks has begun to eat real food.  We don’t do really organized meals, but she picks at our breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We’ve pretty much followed baby lead weaning and have loved it.  It makes prep so easy and our meal times so pleasant!  Currently, she’s totally in love with oranges.  She loves sucking the juice out and then throwing the rest on the floor (unfortunately, the dogs aren’t so fond of the leftovers).  I shouldn’t be surprised considering the one thing I had to have every day during pregnancy was orange juice:)



She also still loves her Starbucks. This pic is from a few months ago, but the sentiment hasn’t changed.  She’s truly a girl after her mama’s heart.

She’s also as fidgity as her mama.  Not a fan of sitting still all day.  She’s sitting, standing, crawling, climbing and “hovering”(that’s what I call when she stands without support for 3 seconds before she realizes she’s not holding anything and gets worried and sits back down).  She’s going to be walking in no time.


Parks loves trips out.  She loves smiling and then hiding from new friends at the grocery store, target, park and of course Trader Joe’s.

Thankfully, she’s started into a regular napping routine. And are working towards longer sleeping sessions at night (I honestly don’t know how long, because I’m totally not interested in looking at the clock anymore when she wakes up.)  Right now, I’ve chosen just to enjoy the extra snuggles and time together while she still wants it (even if it is in the middle of the night)!

She’s also very chatty.  Her favorite “word” is babbabababababa and we’re pretty sure the “who” sound she makes is in reference to the dogs (she almost exclusively uses it when she sees them or another dog around). I’m working on getting her to say mama, but so far no luck;)

She does a great job leaving me to spend the day with her Mimi or go the church nursery.  That is until I walk past, or she hears me, or I don’t acknowledge her when grabbing something from the nursery – then she screams until I come pick her up.  Little girl knows what works…


Well, I feel like I could write about Parker for days, but this is already pretty long.  Plus since just about every other post I write is about her – I’m pretty sure you get the jist of it!


Remember when we had family pictures done? We had a set done with my mom and sisters as a birthday present for my mom and then a shoot of just Andrew, Par and I. I wanted to share a few of the FABULOUS photos taken by plum speckled photography!














Now the hard part, what to choose for a Christmas card? help!! Which one(s) do you like?

1. Waking up and crawling all over Mom and Dad. When she wakes up in the morning, we pull Parker into bed and she crawls over, around, and on top of both of us as we take turns squeezing in a few extra seconds of sleep.

2. Veggie sticks and puffins. Nuf’ said.

3. Chatting (probably my favorite too)

4. Feeding people (and doggies). Today she realized she could give us (and the pups) food and we would gobble it up- absolutely adorable.

5. Making this face

And… Her least favorite thing:
1. Diaper changes. That is if I can keep her still long enough to actually get a new diaper on her. This girl is as slippery as a grease monkey (I know bad reference – who’s ever seen a greasy monkey?). Changing her diaper is close to next to impossible. If I manage to get the diaper off without her crawling away, or she doesn’t pee on the carpet I count it as a win.

Before I had Parker, there were times when people would describe something their child did and I would think “my dog does that!” It only took a few funny looks to realize I shouldn’t say that out loud. I have to say now that I have my own child, I totally don’t understand.

Honestly, every day I find more and more things they have in common (they do say the longer we have our dogs the more we become alike right?). Just a few examples:


She could just have finished eating and yet every time she’ll go straight for the dog bowl to steal their food.


They both love the dishwasher. (One for the good crumbs and the other to bang on the dishes). As soon as I open it, they both come running.


They both love Sophie the Giraffe. When we moved into our house, we couldn’t find Sophie. I looked everywhere I assumed we had left her at church or she had fallen out of the diaper bag somewhere. Turns out Sophie was at my in-laws with the dogs(they stayed there while we settled in). My mother in law was using Sophie to get Chase to come inside the house (he’s literally the worst at coming in when you call him) and it worked every time. Now that he’s with us. He searches the house for Sophie every chance he gets.

They chew on everything. I’ve actually caught them sharing dog toys. One of the dogs will be chewing on something, Parker will grab it from them and chew on it and at the first opportunity, they grab it back and chew on it (germs are good right?)

Most of the time I have no idea what they are talking about. Sometimes I can figure out why the dog is barking or what Parker is yelling about but most of the time I have no idea what they’re saying. Note: major difference is that Parker’s talking is pretty cute, whereas the dogs barking- not so much…

So those of you without dogs probably don’t understand this post or how I could possibly compare my daughter to my pups. Let me just say, I don’t think my daughter is the same as my dogs- I just find their current similarities amusing, I hope you do too?

Do you have dogs? What sorts of goofy things do they do?

Well it’s been a crazy few days around here. But before the day is over I thought I’d share some fun facts!

1. My lululemon stuff came today. I can’t wait to wear it. Actually I couldn’t wait so I already have some of it on, even though I’m totally not running right now (or will tonight). It’s amazing. I love birthday gift cards.

2. These two have even extra snuggly today. It’s like they can’t get enough- I can’t say I hate it.


3. Got this little one her own water bottle just like mama. I think she’s a fan.


4. The other day I left the cabinet open. Guess who crawled in? She had a lot of fun chilling in this spot.


5. I haven’t gotten to run much this week. I’m hoping tomorrow and Sunday will be different:)

6. In other news, we found out that we need a new furnace today. On the bright side of things our ac died in August so now we can get them replaced at the same time. On the other side- ouch…

7. I took the laundry upstairs only to turn around and see this

I think we’re in trouble

8. I picked up the book “Allegiant” the other day with a target gift card. Can’t wait to read the end of this series – when I finally get a chance to pick up the book;)

9. Andrew is the worst and best person to watch tv with. I love watching tv with him, but he also talks a lot-which drives me crazy (totally one of my biggest pet peeves). Even so I think I’ll keep him;)


10. I can’t wait till Thanksgiving. Easily my favorite holiday. Only 20 more days!!

Phew, made it in just under the wire. I’m
off to bed before Parks wakes up!

  • What’s your favorite holiday?
  • Biggest pet peeve?
  • #1) I love family group txts


    (Yes my sisters are goofy)

    #2) I’m pretty sure we’re going to end up eating popcorn every night #ilovepopcorn


    #3) parks and I went on a glorious run today. The weather was amazing. Did you get to enjoy it?


    #4) Pretty sure my baby is a genius.


    #5) Read this post, absolutely amazing

    #6) just had to add this picture – because I’m pretty sure she’s the cutest


    Well it’s been a whirlwind few days around here (or not around here, since it feels like we haven’t been home at all!)

    A few highlights:

    Shopping for an outfit for pictures with Aunt Carolina.  We ended up with a mega cute outfit and matching hat which parks is modeling here.. Isn’t she adorable?


    A photo shoot with Plum Speckled Photography.

    PL 065

    They did Parkers newborn photo shoot which turned out AMAZING, so we had to get them to shoot some more pictures because this little one is just growing too fast.

    PL 012

    We had a few things to take care of during the day, and after church headed out for a friends surprise 40th birthday party!  The party was for my friend Whitney, who I used to work with.  It was nice to get to catch up with her and some other friends that I haven’t seen in a bit! (and reminded me that I am so grateful to be staying at home this fall:))

    A visit with Parker’s G-Mack (my dad).  His fav thing to do when she visits is take selfies with her.


    case and point



    A big bowl of home popped popcorn to eat while catching up on TV for the week (no worries I still have about 8 shows left to watch from last week, meaning I’ll be watching season finales when everyone else is getting amped up for season premieres again next year).  And, I may or may not have completely finished the bowl before Andrew got any…