Well it’s been a whirlwind few days around here (or not around here, since it feels like we haven’t been home at all!)

A few highlights:

Shopping for an outfit for pictures with Aunt Carolina.  We ended up with a mega cute outfit and matching hat which parks is modeling here.. Isn’t she adorable?


A photo shoot with Plum Speckled Photography.

PL 065

They did Parkers newborn photo shoot which turned out AMAZING, so we had to get them to shoot some more pictures because this little one is just growing too fast.

PL 012

We had a few things to take care of during the day, and after church headed out for a friends surprise 40th birthday party!  The party was for my friend Whitney, who I used to work with.  It was nice to get to catch up with her and some other friends that I haven’t seen in a bit! (and reminded me that I am so grateful to be staying at home this fall:))

A visit with Parker’s G-Mack (my dad).  His fav thing to do when she visits is take selfies with her.


case and point



A big bowl of home popped popcorn to eat while catching up on TV for the week (no worries I still have about 8 shows left to watch from last week, meaning I’ll be watching season finales when everyone else is getting amped up for season premieres again next year).  And, I may or may not have completely finished the bowl before Andrew got any…