So you know that dog from the movie “Up” who was totally engaged in a conversation and then would see a squirrel and totally change the subject? Well that’s what this post is going to be like. I feel like there’s a million different things to say and none of them are really related so here it goes:

1. I like lists (thus why this is going to be written in list format haha)

2. I’m hoping to get up before parks and Andrew tomorrow so I can go on a 6 mile run by myself- wish me luck:)

3. Still can’t get over how cute this one looked in her Halloween costume. I’m thinking we need a few more excuses to dress her up before she grows out of it


4. Red cups are back at Starbucks. Totally made my day (plus the fact that I could get Starbucks since I had a coupon for a free drink!)


5. Still on a popcorn kick. I love that stuff

6. Today I finally used the lulu gift card I got for my birthday. Can’t wait until my package comes:)

7. I think Parker is finally getting settled into a normal sleep pattern! Between our move to Andrews parents and then to out house and all the craziness going along with that (and maybe a growth spurt in the middle) she hasn’t been sleeping that well at night (waking every 3 hours to eat) thankfully she’s a quick ear and fall back asleep baby. Last night she went over 6 hours without a peep! It was amazing:)

8. I did this workout from my friend Abby. I’m pretty sure Ill be sore tomorrow.


9. Remember Parker’s photo shoot last week? Well we got a sneak peek today

20131101-210909.jpg. I can’t wait to see the rest!!

10. This girl gets herself into more and more every day. She’s gonna be walking in no time. I better watch out