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This sweetie pie turned 8 months yesterday. I honestly can’t believe it. People keep asking me how old she is and I always have to catch myself and remember to say 8 months- how is that possible?PL-18


This little monkey has definitely changed our lives in a completely indescribable way.  She totally lights up our world and I can’t imagine what life was even like without her..

So, a little glimpse into what life with her is like…

Parks has begun to eat real food.  We don’t do really organized meals, but she picks at our breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We’ve pretty much followed baby lead weaning and have loved it.  It makes prep so easy and our meal times so pleasant!  Currently, she’s totally in love with oranges.  She loves sucking the juice out and then throwing the rest on the floor (unfortunately, the dogs aren’t so fond of the leftovers).  I shouldn’t be surprised considering the one thing I had to have every day during pregnancy was orange juice:)



She also still loves her Starbucks. This pic is from a few months ago, but the sentiment hasn’t changed.  She’s truly a girl after her mama’s heart.

She’s also as fidgity as her mama.  Not a fan of sitting still all day.  She’s sitting, standing, crawling, climbing and “hovering”(that’s what I call when she stands without support for 3 seconds before she realizes she’s not holding anything and gets worried and sits back down).  She’s going to be walking in no time.


Parks loves trips out.  She loves smiling and then hiding from new friends at the grocery store, target, park and of course Trader Joe’s.

Thankfully, she’s started into a regular napping routine. And are working towards longer sleeping sessions at night (I honestly don’t know how long, because I’m totally not interested in looking at the clock anymore when she wakes up.)  Right now, I’ve chosen just to enjoy the extra snuggles and time together while she still wants it (even if it is in the middle of the night)!

She’s also very chatty.  Her favorite “word” is babbabababababa and we’re pretty sure the “who” sound she makes is in reference to the dogs (she almost exclusively uses it when she sees them or another dog around). I’m working on getting her to say mama, but so far no luck;)

She does a great job leaving me to spend the day with her Mimi or go the church nursery.  That is until I walk past, or she hears me, or I don’t acknowledge her when grabbing something from the nursery – then she screams until I come pick her up.  Little girl knows what works…


Well, I feel like I could write about Parker for days, but this is already pretty long.  Plus since just about every other post I write is about her – I’m pretty sure you get the jist of it!



In case you didn’t know – today was election day, so most of the kids in the area had off of school.  Which means Parker and I got to spend the afternoon with Carolina & Steff!

We went over to my Dad’s to pick up a toy that he randomly received last December.  We’re not sure who it came from or why it came (since at the time I was pregnant – and the first one to have any kids), but I realized this weekend that Parker is just about the right age for it.  So we headed over to find and unpack it!  I’d say she was a pretty big fan (although I’m not sure the dogs are – it kinda creeps them out)IMG_3079

Audrey was busy with her friends or something (totally not cool) but we wanted to include her in our festivities anyway so we sent her this picture.  She txted back that that is definitely her in the photo.IMG_3075

Steff, Carolina, Parks & I made a much necessary trip to Chipotle for lunch where Parker chowed down on a tortilla and showed off her new skill of drinking through a straw (babies are totally supposed to have Arnold Palmers with their lunch right?).  We headed to Target to pick up a few things and then came back home to play with Park’s toy.

After a bit we had to leave to go make dinner.  Homemade Chipotle Burrito Bowls – (I know Chipotle twice in one day?  Yes – it’s just that good).  Andrew loves this dinner and insists that he “could eat it every day.”


I topped my burrito bowl with homemade Guac.  It’s got a great kick and tends to be a big hit so I wanted to share the recipe with you.  It’s totally simple and easily customized to your tastes – I’m warning you though, you’ll run out faster than you think!



  • 4 Avocados
  • 2 Jalepenos
  • 2  Cloves minced garlic
  • 1/2 Red Onion
  • 1 Tomato
  • 1 Tablespoon Hot Sauce
  • 1 Teaspoon Salt
  • 1 Lime

Cut avocados in half  and scoop into your bowl (hold on to 1 or 2 pits!). Dice jalepenos, onion and tomato and add to avocado. Mince garlic cloves and add to bowl. Stir in hot sauce and salt. Use a sharp knife to cut guacamole into small pieces (cut parallel lines across in one direction and then the other kind of like  a checkerboard).

Add lime juice and pits to maintain freshness (and to look fancy:)).

*This recipe is just a starting point! Alter the # of jalepenos, amount of Hot Sauce & Salt etc. depending upon your tastes.*

And, because my sister just sent this to me – a video of Parkie talking! She’s such a chatterbox now:)


What do you like to put on your burrito bowl?

Favorite Disney Movie?

What was your baby’s first word?